Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my electric cart plugged in all the time?

Yes. Unless you are using the cart, always leave charger plugged in. Learn some more battery tips in our blog Golf Cart Battery Tips for the Wintertime

How often should I check water in my batteries?

Depending on how much you use the cart. Normal usage you should check water every 2-3 weeks. If you are using it 4 times or greater per week you should check it every 1-2 weeks especially in warm weather.

Do electric carts have a governor?

No they do not have a governor.

How should I store my cart for the winter?

Electric carts should have batteries full on water and plugged in to stay charged. Remember fully charged
batteries will not freeze. Approximately every 5 weeks unplug charger and re plug to cart to restart charge cycle. Gas carts normally will be fine with the exception to the battery. If stored for a long period of time try using a trickle charger to keep battery fully charged.

How can I make my cart go faster?

If your cart is at maximum factory speed then the only way will be to purchase a stronger controller,Motor
and or high speed gears for the differential. That can be a costly upgrade and also in
inexperienced hands a dangerous one.

What brand of batteries are the best for a golf cart?

With the extensive experience that I have had with different brands , I will say my opinion based on the least
amount of trouble would be TROJAN brand batteries.

I put acid in my batteries, but they are still not lasting long. What do I need to do?

Unfortunately you will need to buy new ones. Reason being is that wet acid batteries use distilled water and
thru the charging process will create their own acid. You should never add acid in your golf cart batteries.

My cart darts side to side when on cart path or the road what could cause that?

First thing I would look at the alignment of the front tires. Also check tire pressure. Next would be to look at
the front suspension and bushings for extreme wear.

What weight of oil should I use for my gas cart?

Standard 30 weight oil is what we use.