Gas or Electric. Which team are you on?

As a golf cart dealer, I have seen things change. Not only in style, but also in preference. The biggest shift I have seen is in gas carts to electric carts. We currently have a ratio of 90/10 electric to gas carts sold. Which team are you on?

Electric carts are now the favorite choice for most golfers.

Reasons Why:

  1. Electric carts are silent.
  2. No gas fumes are emitted.
  3. They ride better because of weight distribution.
  4. Electric carts are faster.
  5. Electric carts are cheaper.

This shift has occurred, mainly because electric carts have come a long way. With the recent 48-volt systems, these carts are much strong and will last longer on a full charge. Unless you live in the mountains, an electric cart is plenty sufficient.


Now to the old, slow gas carts! When electric carts got upgraded, the gas casts became the dinosaurs of the golf world. This is due to the noise and speed. Electric is much less noisy and much faster. When you think that gas carts are a thing of the past, think again!


Gas carts are making a comeback. Some customers refuse to give up on gas because they just idol gas and go. The newer gas carts made by Club Car are fuel injected and are much more quiet than older gas models. As always with Club Car, they are also fast. There is a new motor type that will increase the speed and torque, but you will have to stay tuned for that one.


With all this information, which type of cart would you choose?

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